As seasoned homeschoolers, we recognize the gap between our “master educational plan” and reality. Consistently teaching a variety of subjects can be challenging, especially when teaching multiple children, multiple subjects.


Over the years, we have been involved in many successful co-ops. These co-ops provided many benefits such as peer involvement, broad subject base, and a variety of teachers.  They provided a good enrichment program, but left the job of teaching all children core subjects squarely on our shoulders.  They added the responsibility of teaching extra subjects without the benefit of free time to prepare them.  We were left wondering if there wasn't a better way to reduce the workload of Home educators while providing the same benefits to children.  The Aaron Academy is the product of this quest.



At The Aaron Academy, we strive to provide...


  1. A consistent way for children to benefit from great curriculums and learning tools without all the pressure of planning, preparation, and clean-up falling on you.

  2. A home school group which covers many of the basics in childrens' academic education, allowing parents to focus on their areas of specialty without worrying if they are "covering everything".

  3. Opportunities to celebrate students educational success outside of the home, which encourages more self-confidence as they see their growth.

  4. A safe place to receive educational feedback, while encouraging increased accountability and organizational skills, through mentor given assignments, homework, etc.

  5. Regular interaction with other home schooled peers that encourages increased personal effort and achievement.

  6. An arena for discussing good literature.

  7. Exposure to a variety of teaching and learning styles.

  8. Opportunities for children to increase their confidence among their non home school friends since they have the shared experience of outside homework assignments, teachers to report to, etc.

  9. An opportunity for mothers to teach and be paid for their time, if that is what they desire.

  10. An opportunity for mothers to attend to other responsibilities, explore other personal interests and goals, spend more individual time with younger or older children, or nap guiltlessly.

For years, we longed for and dreamed of a safe place that would allow our children to reap these benefits of group learning, experience other teachers and connect with other home-schooled peers, without making the total sacrifice of a full-time public or private school.  It is this dream that drove us to create the The Aaron Academy. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.