We believe that the Family is central to the Creator’s plan for his Children, and as such it cannot be supplanted as the fundamental unit of society. Our children thrive when they spend a large quantity of their time in their families.


Much of the current educational research centers on how to duplicate in a classroom things that happen naturally in the home. These include problem based learning, small multi-age group settings, peer teaching opportunities, and personal interest projects, just to name a few. We know that we cannot do these things as well as you can, so we have not even tried.


Perhaps you are familiar with the story of Moses and Aaron from the Old Testament, but for those who are not, allow me to give a brief summary.


In Exodus chapter 17, the Israelites find themselves engaged in a battle with the Amalekites. Moses stands on a nearby hill, with his rod in hand, arms raised to the heavens. As long as he raises his arms, the Israelites prevail, but when he lowers his tired arms, the Amalekites prevail.


Aaron and Hur, understanding the dire situation, seat Moses on a rock. They position themselves, one on either side, in a supporting position. They literally hold up his arms so he can keep them raised.


They understand that it is Moses who has the rod, symbolizing his God given authority to lead Israel. They also recognize that even the Prophet of God needs their support to carry out his divine responsibilities.


It is with this story in mind that we have chosen the name The Aaron Academy. We understand that to lead and to teach your children is your divine role, one which we would never seek to usurp.


It is our desire to offer the kind of constant, sustaining support which Aaron provided to Moses in his time of need.