This program is geared for students ages 10-11 with a class size of 12-14 students. Students entering the Discover program should be very familiar with how to write a sentence and capable of writing a paragraph. They are able to follow instructions and work collaboratively in small groups. They are capable of understanding what they are reading and participating in a group discussion or activity about the reading. 


HISTORY:  Students will be studying Medieval to Renaissance History. Class activities will include projects, discussion, learning games, simulations, reading, and writing. Students will be given various assignments to complete at home in preparation for in class activities.


SCIENCE & ENRICHMENT:  Discover students will attend two 7-8 week units, using Elemental Life Science for the Logic Stage. When science is not in session, students will attend enrichment classes. Enrichment classes may include Music, Art, PE, Drama, Gardening, Creative writing, etc... These classes will be announced as they are secured. 

WRITING:  Students will practice note taking and presentation skills with various types of writing, including essays, stories, and short research papers.  Using material from The Institute for Excellence in Writing and other sources, students will further develop their existing writing process skills.  In addition, the class will regularly review grammar skills together.


BOOK CLUB:  Book club students will read approximately one book per month and participate in a variety of fun and educational activities to enrich the subject matter. The book selections will consist of classics, historical fiction, biographies, and award winning books.