Junior Scholar

This program is geared for students ages 12-13 with a class size of 12-14. Jr. Scholars are ready to assume more responsibility for their work, but still require some parental help. They are able to write short reports consisting of several paragraphs. They are confident readers and work effectively in small groups. The classes in this program rely more heavily on reading, writing, and discussion than in the Discover program, while still incorporating projects, simulations, and other activities.


HISTORY:  Medieval history will cover the time period from the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 to 1453, when the Ottoman Empire conquered Constantinople. Junior Scholar students will utilize materials from a variety of sources including historical fiction to deepen their appreciation of the time period and culture. Class time will include discussions, projects, and enrichment activities.


SCIENCE:  Jr. Scholars will be attending two 7-8 week units of study, using Elemental Life Science for the Logic Stage. Class time will be spent performing hands on experiments, group work and other fun activities.  At home requirements may include reading and other assignments designed to prepare students for in-class activities. 


ENRICHMENT CLASSES:  Students will attend two 7-8 week units of enrichment classes. These classes may include, but are not limited to, music, art, PE, drama, gardening, creative writing, modern technology, etc...  Classes will be announced as they are secured.


MATH:  Students will have the opportunity to learn and teach math concepts that apply to everyday life and study mathematicians from history. They will work at their own pace and have time to complete their assignments in class with the option to receive tutoring from a highly qualified teacher. Parents/students can choose from the following curricula: Teaching Textbooks, Saxon Math, or Math U See.


WRITING:  Jr. Scholar Writing will include a day of IEW and a day of Writer’s Workshop each week. Using Institute for Excellence in Writing and other source material, students will hone their writing skills in a variety of styles including essays, letters, stories, poems, research papers, and others. Special attention will be placed on creating and supporting a thesis. In-class activities and exercises will reinforce basic writing fundamentals. In using Writer’s Workshop, students will have the opportunity to apply some of the skills acquired through IEW toward creative writing. Writer’s Workshop creates a supportive and positive environment where students can hone their writing skills and craft, as well as develop fluency, confidence and the desire to see themselves as writers. Students in this class will also be reading and discussing some great literature.


Students will be graded on homework assignments, participation, and periodic evaluations. Report cards will be handed out twice during the year.