This program is geared for students ages 14-15, with a class size of 12-14. Students in the Scholar program are ready for a more rigorous academic program. This program relies more heavily on reading, writing and discussion, while still incorporating projects, simulations, group activities and peer teaching. Students will be graded on homework assignments, preparedness, participation, and periodic tests. Report cards will be handed out at the end of each semester.


HISTORY:  Medieval history will cover the time period from the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 to 1453 when the Ottoman Empire took over Constantinople. Scholar students will utilize materials from a variety of sources including, Book of the Middle Ages, by Dorothy Mills, and various historical fiction to deepen their appreciation of the time period, society, and culture. Class time will include discussions, presentations, humanities, and enrichment activities.


SCIENCE:  Students will study Biology for the 2017-18 year. Class time will be spent performing labs and simulations, group work and other activities. Reading and other assignments will be completed at home in preparation for class.  This class will take occasional field trips to enhance what they are studying.  


ENRICHMENT:  There will be a new Enrichment class every 7-8 weeks. Classes will include Drama and Debate and possibly PE.  We are still finalizing these classes.


MATH TUTORING OR FOREIGN LANGUAGE:  Students at this age have the option to receive individualized math tutoring or take a foreign language class.


WRITING/LITERATURE:  This class will focus on structure and style of writing, while incorporating a variety of literature. Students will write different types of essays and begin literary analysis, as well as complete an in-depth research paper with MLA standards.