Don't take our word for it...read what other families have to say about our home school support program.


The Aaron Academy has been a wonderful experience for our family.  While attending, my children have enjoyed a good balance of worthwhile educational, social, and leadership experiences.  They have enjoyed learning in the small and meaningful environment.  ~ Jen Pittard


Increased accountability, fun hands-on projects, challenging and applicable assignments, teachers who care, and a positive learning environment are what Aaron Academy has provided for my four children.  They have grown tremendously since attending Aaron Academy. No regrets here!  ~ Jill Peterson


The Aaron Academy has been a wonderful fit for my daughters.  They get just the right amount of classroom experience with great mentors and peers to keep them inspired, while still allowing them time to learn with our family and pursue their own interests on a deeper level.  ~ Kim Reeder


Finding an enriching homeschool support group that inspires, encourages development through hands on activities, and provides a caring yet challenging environment for our children is often difficult.  The Aaron Academy has enhanced our homeschooling with delightful results.  We consider it a faithful friend to our educational endeavors.  ~ Jodi Miller


The Aaron Academy is the perfect breath of fresh air in trying to find a good balance between homeschooling and schooling in a classroom environment.  ~ Kristen Burzumato


In 2010, just before our school began in the fall, 2 of our sons came to me and asked if we would consider homeschooling them.  Their reasons were that they wanted to be  challenged more and  go as fast as they wanted to go in their education.  They felt there was too much time wasted in public school.  Their desire to learn new things was being squelched.  At public school, as they learned a new concept and understood it.....they had to wait sometimes up to 2 weeks for the last person in the class to understand it before they could move on.  It was very frustrating to my boys who really wanted to learn.  As I explored my options, Aaron Academy just seemed it would be the right fit.  And it WAS!  My boys have been challenged in many areas that public school will never be able to cover.  It is just the right amount of "at school" time  and "home" time at 2 days a week.  The teachers are not just teachers.  They are mentors.  They really just guide the students as they learn for themselves.   The learning environment is so much more conducive and relaxed than a public school setting.  And it is just the right size to have great discussions about topics they are studying.  They are able to go much more in depth with each subject. It is much more hands on than anything we have ever done! And parents have a say in what their children are learning!  Also, Aaron Academy starts each day with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer.  I feel that THAT is how school should be!   Check it out and see if it is the right fit for your family.   ~ Rebecca Jarvis